Terms & conditions - talexence website and online shop


For clarity purposes, the following terms refer to the following meaning :


Agreement : Any order or deal that has been done on the talexence.com website including purchase of a product. 


Customer : The person who engages his responsibility when visiting or ordering products on the website talexence.com and its online boutique.


Order : The act of buying a product in the online boutique page and checking out via the talexence.com website.


Product : Any goods referring to our talexence brand bought via the talexence.com website.


Talexence : The private company of the name Talexence registered under the french law at the address of 70 route de serra capéou, 06110, le cannet, FRANCE, with a public email of  [email protected] and a SIRET 91219157400017.


Online boutique : The shopping page of Talexence having the url talexence.com/shop.


Website : The official website of the Talexence company with the URL of talexence.com as well as its extension pages.


These terms and conditions are the general guidelines to apply to any act performed under the website. Accessing the website or performing actions such as, but not limited to: orders, add to cart, and payments information submission make you agree to these terms and conditions. If you shall not agree with these terms, you shall not access the website and not use its functionality.


These terms and conditions are frequently up to date and we reserve the right to modify them according to policy changes. You can check this page to see any modification made and it is your responsibility to have up-to-date information. 


We reserve the right to cancel, forbid or prevent access to this website at any time, without reasons given, to anyone.


By using the website, you acknowledge your customer’s data can be transferred to third party platforms that serves the interest of Talexence with the exception of your credit card information that is and will always be encrypted to protect our customer interests. 

Product information

We strive to provide information over our products and over our website to be as accurate as possible. Nevertheless, we are not responsible for inaccuracy over the product details and customer should not expect to have exact information over our website. The product colors can vary depending on the customer’s screen and its settings. Therefore, texture, colors and others product information should not be taken as a perfectly reliable characteristic from the product image and details. 


We provide frequent modification to the website in order to deliver up-to-date content, however, we are not obliged to change the information. It is the consumers’ responsibility to keep track of these changes in order to have accurate information. 


Price information

We shall prevent, cancel, limit or forbid the right of consumers to order our product. This is to be applicated on a case by case study.


We shall modify, prevent, modify or limit our product offer at any time and without any notice.


Offers are without obligation.


Evident mistakes or error in the writing shall not engage our responsibility.


Prices of product comprise delivery cost, VAT and return cost for european customers.


Prices for non-european resident customers at the time of order is taxed at 0% VAT and include return and delivery cost.


For non-european residents when your order is received, you might owe import tax or duties depending on your country. Talexence is not responsible for the added cost and the customer should check the policy of their country in order to acknowledge potential taxes.


The price to be paid is the one noted at the time of order. They can be in € or $ and will be noted as such on the product page and invoice. If Talexence has modified a product price ordered by a customer, it will notify the customer and wait for his approval within 30 days of the price change. The customer can refuse and cancel his order at any time whenever a price change has occurred.


Our website talexence.com offers payment methods that you can find on the checkout page. The customer’s credit card information is and will always be encrypted for protection reasons. Right now, we do not offer possibilities for multiple-time payments.


When the customer pre-order a product, the full payment must be done at the time of the order. A period of product preparation is to be set between 4 to 6 months before product delivery between the time you set the order and the time you received your product at your delivery address.


If for any reason, the payment has been uncompleted, partially unpaid, canceled by the customer’s bank, or the customer directive whenever the product has been shipped, a penalty can be applied as well as fees based on the unpaid amount. 

Customer order status

We provide various information over our website and via email for our customers’ order status. On your account page, you can check if your order has been refunded, canceled, accepted, or shipped. This information is changed manually by us, however, customers should not expect it to be perfectly timed or accurate. 

Whenever an order is completed, shipped, canceled, deleted, or refunded, the customer will be informed by email of order status and details.

If you have not received your order 9 days after receiving your shipping confirmation email, please contact us at [email protected]

shipping information

Information regarding delivery time is set on each product page. This information can be changed due to external factors and shall not be perfectly accurate, however, they still provide an estimation for our customers.

Shipping time exceeding information given on the product page or via our communication doesn’t give the right to the customer to ask for a penalty, price reduction, or interest.

If delay or impossibilities to ship occur, we will inform you via email. In this case, the customer will have the choice to cancel the agreement and talexence will proceed with a total refund free of charge.

The customer shall appreciate the products in his delivery with care. If he believes the order doesn’t contain the product he ordered or, contains the wrong one, he shall notify us at [email protected] with pictures and any other proofs. Talexence holds responsabilities to deliver compliant products and will act to provide a full refund or exchange to match our customers’ orders. Any damage, loss, or mistake of delivery done by the transporter doesn’t hold talexence responsability. 

If the customer witnesses his delivery is compliant with his order but the products or the package have been damaged or a product has been lacking, he shall contact us at [email protected] with pictures explaining the situation and also contact the transporter. An investigation will be carried off in order to resolve the issue.

Any product sent back to talexence for the above reasons shall be packed with care in their exact situation before unboxing with the same elements that the delivery contained. Any proof of delivery sent back from the customer shall be kept (date, receipt, transporter, tracking number, etc..).


We reserve the right to use cookies all over our website in order to track and monitor our consumers’ behavior. This is normal usage of consumer data in order to better adapt our website experience to any subsequent visits. 


The private data of consumers are not sold to third party applications but can be transferred and used via their platforms. To learn more about our cookie usage you can read our Privacy Policy.

Online boutique usage

We reserve the right to users to access our online boutique and order our products according to the following restrictions:


You must be an adult of at least 18 years of age.


You must place genuine orders for personal usage with no intention to re-sell, trade, or for any professional activities.


You must provide correct personal and account information during an order process or an account creation.


You must keep your account information secret and shall not give access to it to third party programs or applications.


Talexence and its website own the intellectual property of the brand name, design, product, and all similar materials. By visiting this website you acknowledge to witness this intellectual property but this shall not give you the right to : 


Use any data or content from Talexence.


Reproduce, republish, duplicate or copy contents or products from Talexence.


Sell, rent, or sub-license material from Talexence.


Redistribute content from talexence.

Ownership policy

The ownership of a product ordered via the talexence website is set to our customer once the order is paid in its entire amount. Until the full payment is not meet, the owneship of the product continues to be Talexence’s one. After the date of delivery to the customer, Talexence does not hold responsabilities for loss, degradation or robbery. 

Withdrawal policy

Our customers have the right to withdraw and return their order within a 14 day period (L221-18) starting from the reception of the product or, if the customer ordered multiple products, until reception of the last product ordered. Talexence may not charge any withdrawal fees and the customers shall pack the products with care and notify us at [email protected] within the withdrawal period. We will then proceed with giving the information about the delivery address and take care of the withdrawal request. 

The product can be tried by the customer but shall remain with the protective transparent sticker under our soles. In order to avoid any damage done to the sole or the shoe, the customer should only test it on a clean and smooth surface and prevent any shock or tear on the product. Talexence will only accept the return of unmarked, undamaged or unused products. The customer shall not remove the transparent sticker , mark or use the product until decision to keep the product.

The product shall be packed exactly as received and should contain all accessories and other variables present when received. 

The customer should send us back the product delivery as soon as they notify us they wish to withdraw with the shipping label provided by us by email.

If a customer fails to meet these conditions, we reserve the right to cancel your withdrawal request and will provide reasons.

The refund of our customer will be done via the same method of payment used when ordered.

Any product that has been customized or made specifically for a client shall not have the right to be withdrawn.


Talexence responsibility shall not be held if any of the information given through these terms and conditions isn’t met due to emergency reasons. According to the French legislation, an emergency is characterized by an unpredictable and irresistible external factor.

applicable law

These terms and conditions and any agreements are subject to the French law.


The competent courthouse to resolve any dispute is Paris.