Talexence: The Art of Making a Model's Dream Come True

an unexpected encounter

Cannes, 2018. Beneath the stars of the Riviera, Grégori Keller encounters a young model. Their conversation swiftly turns to foot comfort and footwear. From this exchange springs a revolutionary idea.

Thus begins the tale of Talexence, where each step promises well-being and excellence, crafting heels worthy of the grandest dreams.

an unexpected encounter

In 2018, near the Cannes Film Festival, Podiatrist Grégori Keller, one of the founders, recieved a young patient who aspired to become a model. She complained about her pumps being uncomfortable and how she was not confident during her modeling auditions. She dreamed of becoming a successful model. Grégori wondered if he could find a solution to this common problem.

From dream to reality

Driven by a bold vision, Grégori Keller embarks on creating a revolutionary insole. With unparalleled precision, he develops an insole that perfectly contours to the foot, transforming each step into a supreme comfort experience. This dream turned reality marks the dawn of a new era in the realm of luxury heels, where elegance and well-being converge seamlessly.


During several months of research, the young podiatrist tested many options to improve the comfort of her pumps. He finally found a solution with an additional shoe sole. This would help her reach her dream. 


Grégori Keller reinvents conventional heels, turning each pair into a true experience of elegance and unmatched comfort. With a visionary approach, he transcends the boundaries of traditional design to create heels that are not mere accessories, but masterpieces of sophistication and well-being.


After the young model was able to succeed in more  auditions, the young podiatrist knew he could substantially improve the comfort by modifying the entire pump itself. After many years of scientific research, he transformed conventional pumps into an experience of comfort excellence. 


Sharing his passion with his elder brother, Talexence emerges as a natural fusion of heel and excellence. Born from a fraternal bond and a shared quest for elegance.

A fraternal inspiration

The young podiatrist discussed about his new idea of revolutionary pumps, combining the elegance and comfort excellence, to his older brother Arnaud. His brother added his artistic touch to the brand. Talexence is born, the combination of “talon”: heel in french and “excellence”

Our Mission

The story of this model has inspired a greater mission: 

‘To help women fulfill their dreams.”

a motto inspired by a woman who wanted to achieve her dream

The story of the young model who achieved her dream inspired Talexence’s mission:

“Help women achieve their dreams”

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