"Talexence was born to help a model achieve her dream"

an unexpected encounter

In 2018, near the Cannes film festival, Grégori Keller, one of the founders, welcomed a young aspiring model at his podiatry office. She complained about her uncomfortable pumps and how she was not confident during her modeling auditions. She dreamed to become a successful model over the world and begged Grégori to find a solution.


During several months of research, the young podiatrist tested many options to improve the comfort of her pumps. Finally, he found a solution with an additional shoe sole to help her reach her dream. 


The young model was able to pass her audition and thanked Grégori kindly, However, the young podiatrist knew, he could have substantially improved the comfort by working directly on a new revolutionary shape for pumps. After many years of scientific research, he transformed conventional pumps into an experience of comfort excellence. 

A fraternal inspiration

The young podiatrist talked about his new idea of revolutionary pumps, combining the elegance and comfort excellence, to his older brother: Arnaud. He added his artistic touch to the brand. Talexence is born, the fusion of “talon”: heel in french and excellence. 

a motto inspired by a woman who wanted to achieve her dream

The young model story who wanted to achieve her dream brought to a worldwide mission:
“help women to achieve their dreams”

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