Talexence is the SAS company regulated by the French legislation that collects your personal data for its personal commercial purposes only. Talexence has a registered adress of 70 route de serra capéou, 06110, le cannet France and detains a social capital of 100€. Its registered business number is 912 191 574 and its tax identification is FR64912191574. The official email address is [email protected] and its website is hosted with Comtabo.

Collection of personal data

We use cookies on our website to collect data about our visitors’ behavior, amongst which, but not limited to, numbers of clicks, video views, choice of languages, link clinks, and the origin of the connection, are exploited by third-party analysis platforms. This information is used for customizing content relevance on our website as well as third-party social networks or websites.
A visitor will be given the choice to accept or deny the usage of these cookies at the start of a session.
The data retention is held undefinitely unless you decide to modify or suppress information from your account.

Exploitation of your personal data

Talexence may use personal data for advertising purposes on social networks and third-party websites. This includes but isn’t limited to, retargeting visitors or whenever a certain action is performed on our website such as purchasing a product, adding to cart a product, watching a video, etc…
We use Google Analytics as well as Quantcast tags to collect data from our website visitors.
Customer information may be used to send informational emails to inform about the order processing or give any valuable information about the brand news. The latter is to be employed only if the customer accepted to receive such information by agreeing to our newsletter.
Customer data may be transferred to applications or programs outside Europe.
Please, note that we do not sell your data to any third-party platforms. We only exploit your data for reasons described in this privacy policy such as advertising, personalization, and behavior monitoring.

Your right over your personal data

For inquiries or any questions related to our personal data storage, exploitation, or any other information on personal data collecting, you may contact [email protected].

Customers have the right to modify or suppress their personal data on their account page at any moment they want. They can also contact us at [email protected] if they wish data deletion.

The customers can contact the CNIL, they are the competent organism to deal with complaints about their personal data.

Customers can also opt out of our pixels and tags tracking with the following link :




changes over our privacy policy

Please, note that this privacy policy may change from time to time and is to be updated according to the modification of the French and European consumers regulation.

Our website uses cookies to customize your experience on our website and other purpose described in our terms and conditions.