THE EXPERIENCE OF AN UNparalleled comfort

Talexence patented pumps soles

black and silver heels lunexence back view

A patented comfort experience

A young aspiring model dreamed of a comfortable catwalk in her pumps for her auditions.


After years of research, Gregori Keller, the founder, and podiatrist, created an innovative patented insole. 


Its foam, arch support, and unique curvature were aimed to help the young model pass her auditions. The patented Talexence insole was designed with materials recognized in the field of podiatry for their qualities and their ability to provide unparalleled comfort.


For optimal quality control, we assign a serial number to each of our models as well as limit quantities.


Each shoe is unique in the image of the woman who wears them.

black and silver heels lunexence side view

craftsmanship excellence

Talexence selects the best materials from Italy as well as collaborates with Italian suppliers whose craftsmanship excellence is recognized worldwide.


The Talexence name comes from combining the french words ” talon “, heel in english and ” excellence “. 

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