The finest of comfortable pumps

Talexence has been born with a vision to help women achieve their dreams. For that, it has strived for years to provide the best high heels engineered for comfort. It is meant to make your wedding, date, or any other important occasion your happiest day. Crafted with the finest attention to details, meant to be worn and forever loved.


It is in 2018 that Gregori, the Talexence founder, has started to write a patent for outstanding comfort. Our delightful wearing experience is only possible due to thorough research and well though construction of our pumps. 

flexible leather

Not all leathers are made equals, thus, ours have been carefully chosen to better adapt to the slight volume variation that you may have with our shoes.

our curvature is designed to be a delight to wear

We have pondered for multiple years the best curvature for our shoes to bring the most support to your feet. Engineered by the founder with deep knowledge in biomechanics, the innersole is perfectly shaped to decrease pressure where it is most needed and increase stability. You will feel a better-distributed pressure as well as a sense of stability that you never had before. Crafted for your best experience our pumps are made to be a delight to wear.


crafted for eternal comfort

Our footbed is made for an outstanding sensation of comfort thanks to its specific foam. Unlike most pumps, we have meticulously chosen our material to continuously provide you with the best comfort experience even after years. This is due to intelligent material property choice. We believe that long-term comfort satisfaction is important to our client’s fulfillment. 

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